Intake and delivery manifold


In this page we present the case of an intake/delivery manifold of a pump for agriculture.
It’s a particular object, characterized by many internal ducts.

Product criticities

  • Geometrical complexity is high: the product has several ribs, very close to each other. Also, many non-parallel internal pipes are present
  • Dimensional and geometrical tolerances are required.
  • The product has an outer threaded diameter and a threaded hole, both of which must be obtained during the injection moulding process.
  • The object will be made out of glass fibre-reinforced nylon.


  • The mould has many hydraulic mechanisms embedded, in order to realize the various internal ducts.
  • Material choice: this mould was built with quenched and tempered steel, a material which ensures a medium level of hardness and a certain quantity of alloy elements such as Chromium and Nickel.
    The combination of hardness and alloy elements gives the steel good properties in terms of resistance to chemicals and to erosion.
  • The mould features a particular “automatic unscrewing system”, allowing to obtain threaded holes in an injection moulding product.
  • Special care is reserved to heat dissipation properties: the mould presents several areas with low thickness, which are subject to overheating. An efficient cooling system is indispensable for product quality.
  • Injection parameters are carefully set to obtain a good quality product, dimensionally stable and compliant to the required tolerances.

Product appearance is very good, despite the case complexity. Besides, the mould cooling system efficiency allowed to reduce cycle time an to improve the mould reliability.